We want your practice at Studio 1010 to be a wonderful experience EVERY time. Our teachers welcome and encourage your questions and feedback, so let us know how we we can help. Below are most common asked questions about getting started at Studio 1010.

What do I need to bring to be prepared for class?

A smile, some water, a towel, and a mat. Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to your first class to get registered and fill out our health waiver. We have mats and towels if you forget yours or don’t on one yet. These are available first come, first served.

How hot is the room going to be?

Our hot classes range in temperatures from around 85-95 degrees. which are designated for each class on our schedule and class descriptions.We have a radiant heater. For those of you who are not wanting that extra heat, we encourage our students to practice in the back of the room where the temperature is more comfortable. For students who do not want hot classes, we offer several non-heated classes through out the week.

Not sure which pricing option or class will fit you best?

Yoga is an investment to your health. We offer drop in rates and affordable class prices. We recommend starting off with 10 class pass- buy a pass to get a discounted rate. More yoga for you and money in your pocket!

Should I eat or drink before class?

This is a personal choice. For morning classes, some yogis prefer to practice on an empty stomach with no solid foods prior to class. Others get dizzy if they practice without a little something in their belly. Reassuring, right? Of course, it all depends on the time of day, too. For early classes, a  piece of fruit or toast and your favorite nut butter are a good start. It’s best to stay clear of heavy meals, but make sure you are always hydrated. Also, plan a protein and carb heavy meal no more than an hour after class if possible. You will want to make sure you add more liquids into your diet to replenish all the sweat lost during class. Some folks like to add in an electrolyte replacement as well. Find your twist on eating and drinking.

Do you have an introductory special?

Our intro special is offered to new students on their first visit to the studio and is offered to Anacortes/Oak Harbor/nearby residents only. The intro price is $75 for one month unlimited yoga or $25 for one week unlimited yoga. That’s over a 50% savings! At Studio 1010, we think you need a month to experience as many classes as possible to really see the power of yoga and get a good vibe on the studio and our top-notch teachers. We dare you not to love it!

Do I need to make a reservation?

Nope! We’ll find a spot for you in our studio. For classes that require props, you may want to come early as we have a limited supply. (Or feel free to bring your own!)

How old do I have to be to practice at Studio 1010?

For our regular classes, children under 18 must have a parent present.

Yikes! I have an injury. Can I still practice at Studio 1010?

We request that you consult with your doctor prior to practicing and to please inform our instructors so they may assist you with various poses and make adjustments to your practice when necessary. We have blocks and straps to help with most issues.

Got a bun in the oven?

Congratulations! We request that you consult with your doctor prior to practicing and please let them know that the room is heated and in some classes, temperatures can reach 95 or more, plus humidity.